TRUCK PARK – EUROTUNNEL – Coquelles Terminal


    These Regulations shall apply as of 1 August 2017.

    A Vehicle’s entry into the Eurotunnel secured truck park implies the Customer’s unlimited and unqualified acceptance of the present Regulations and prices.

    The Regulations are displayed at the entrance to the truck park. They are available to Customers, upon request, at the Drivers’ Information Office, and viewable on the website www.eurotunnelfreight.com/truckpark.


    The French version of the Regulations is the only authentic text.


    Article 1 – DEFINITIONS

    “Customers”: drivers and passengers of Vehicles, excluding pedestrians on their own.

    Eurotunnel”: partnership between France-Manche SA and The Channel Tunnel Group Ltd.

    Interested Persons”: the haulage companies that own, hire and/or use the Vehicles, the owners of the goods being transported and any other person concerned by the transport.

    “Regulations”: the present regulations for the secure truck park at the Coquelles Eurotunnel Terminal.

    Vehicles”: any goods haulage vehicle, van, towing vehicle alone, entering the car park, barring any other type vehicle.


    Article 2 – ENTRY AND EXIT

    a. Entry into and exit from the truck park is automated. An information panel placed in front of the truck park informs the Customer of the availability of parking spaces.

    b. Any persons present in the truck park without authorisation or a valid parking ticket may be prosecuted.

    c. To exit the truck park, it is necessary to pay for the length of the stay.

    d. If the entry ticket is lost or invalid, Eurotunnel will charge the Customer the applicable price corresponding to the length of the stay.

    e. The truck park may be temporarily closed, at Eurotunnel’s discretion, particularly for maintenance work or security reasons. No compensation can be claimed from Eurotunnel.

    f. Any vehicle having taken the traffic lane towards Great Britain and wishing, in fact, to enter the car park, may gain access to the car park by going to the toll booths.


    Article 3 – PRICE AND PAYMENT

    a. The prices and accepted methods of payment are displayed on the eurotunnelfreight.com website and at the truck park’s entry and exit points. Eurotunnel reserves the right to change the prices.

    b. Outside free parking periods, any hour begun must be paid for.

    c. Any trailer left alone in the truck park shall be considered as a parked Vehicle and shall be subject to the applicable price.

    d. Any Customer wishing to object to a payment that has been made must inform Eurotunnel in writing at the following address: Eurotunnel, Service Commercial Parking Fret, Siège d’Exploitation, B.P. 69, 62904 Coquelles Cedex.

    e. If it is not possible for a Vehicle to leave the truck park by automated means for reasons caused by the Customer or the Vehicle (for example, no means of payment, refusal to pay or breakdown) and the intervention of Eurotunnel and/or its representatives is necessary, the Customer may be billed a fixed amount corresponding to the additional handling time or the implementation of additional means allowing the Customer’s Vehicle, or any other vehicle, to leave the truck park.

    f. Any Customer without a valid means of payment upon leaving the truck park shall sign and be given a copy of the attestation of non-payment, which constitutes an acknowledgement of debt towards Eurotunnel. The Customer has 15 days from the date of the attestation of non-payment in which to pay the debt. Failing payment, Eurotunnel may demand an amount of 40 euros as compensation for recovery costs, as well as additional compensation if the recovery costs incurred by Eurotunnel exceed 40 euros. Failing payment within the required time, Eurotunnel may use any legal means to protect its interests.

    g. Eurotunnel shall have a lien and a right of attachment over the Customer’s Vehicle, trailer and goods if the price demanded by Eurotunnel remains unpaid.

    Article 4 – MOVEMENT

    a. All traffic movement, manoeuvring and parking operations within the truck park take place under the entire responsibility of the Customer jointly and severally with the Interested Persons. A Customer who drives a Vehicle in a personal capacity shall be solely responsible. The Customer undertakes to comply with the provisions of the French Highway Code, the signage in the truck park, and any instructions given by a Eurotunnel attendant. The speed limit in the truck park is 10 km/h. Reversing is allowed only when performing manoeuvres that are necessary for parking.

    b. People on foot in the truck park must pay utmost attention to traffic and follow the marked pathways.


    Article 5 – PARKING

    a. Vehicles must be correctly parked in one of the spaces marked on the ground for this purpose. Eurotunnel may remove Vehicles left parked in breach of the present Regulations at the expense, risk and peril of the offender. Where necessary (works, cleaning, etc.), Vehicles may be moved by or at the request of Eurotunnel.

    b. The Customer may unhook his vehicle combination comprised of a towing vehicle and a trailer in order to hook it to another towing vehicle, provided that the trailer is not left parked alone on the car park. The Customer and any Concerned Person are jointly and severally liable for it. The Customer driving his own Vehicle is solely liable for it.

    c. It is prohibited to park a trailer alone.

    d. Unless expressly agreed by Eurotunnel, in the event that parking considered as irregular, obstructive, abusive or dangerous within the meaning of the applicable legislation and regulations takes place, the Vehicle may be impounded.

    e. Any begging, selling, or offering of services, whether free or otherwise, is prohibited. Any peddling, canvassing, unpacking or sale of any objects whatsoever, display, distribution of leaflets, as well as any unloading of goods or transfer of goods between Vehicles, even in part, is strictly prohibited without the prior written agreement of Eurotunnel.

    f. The truck park is equipped with video surveillance systems linked to 24-hour surveillance centres, entry and exit monitoring devices and a remote assistance system.

    g. If a Vehicle breaks down, the Customer has the possibility of calling upon a repairer through the Customer’s own help service, going to the Drivers’ Information Office in the truck park or, failing that, using the remote assistance system. The repairer is subject to the applicable parking prices.



    The Customer may access Eurotunnel’s WiFi network free of charge, subject to complying with the general network usage conditions defined by Eurotunnel, which can be viewed on the WiFi network access portal.


    Article 7 – DANGEROUS GOODS

    No oily, inflammable or corrosive liquids shall be spilled or emptied within the truck park. In the event of accidental spillage, once the staff or representatives of Eurotunnel have noted the incident, any cleaning and restoration costs will be charged to the person concerned.



    a. The Customer and any Interested Person shall be jointly and severally liable for bodily accidents and any damage to movable or immovable property caused by the Vehicles, drivers, passengers or the goods to both truck park facilities and other vehicles, goods and persons present. A Customer driving a Vehicle in a personal capacity shall be solely liable for the above-mentioned incidents. Any accident, incident or damage occurring in the truck park must be immediately reported to the Drivers’ Information Office. If any damage is done to Eurotunnel facilities, the Customer must notify his/her insurance company.

    b. Eurotunnel is bound by an obligation of means with regard to the surveillance of the truck park. Eurotunnel shall not be held liable in the event of the theft and/or degradation of a Vehicle and/or its constituent parts, accessories, or other goods left inside the Vehicle such as cargo. Further, Eurotunnel shall not be held liable in the event of aggression occurring in the truck park. In addition, Eurotunnel shall not be held liable for the operations of leaving or retrieving a trailer by any Customer or any Interested Person. In this regard, Eurotunnel is not required to verify the identity and/or capacity of the Customer or the Interested Person when the trailer is retrieved.

    Lastly, Eurotunnel shall not be liable for damage caused by an event of force majeure, as defined in French case law, or in the event of occurrences such as strikes, riots, or unlawful entry into the truck park. It is incumbent on the Customer to take all necessary measures against the risks referred to in the present Article. In any event, the liability of Eurotunnel is limited to any direct and material damage caused to the Customer and/or the Interested Persons in the truck park by its fault and shall not exceed €10,000 per claim.

    c. The Customer is required to comply with the instructions given by the staff or representatives of Eurotunnel.


    Article 9 – PERSONAL DATA

    In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, as amended, the Customer has a right of access to, and correction and deletion of, personal data relating to him/her that is handled by Eurotunnel and any subcontractors it uses in ensuring the security of the truck park, managing payment incidents, and complying with its legal obligation to collect connection data.


    Article 10 – APPLICABLE LAW

    The present Regulations are subject to French law. Any dispute shall be resolved amicably. Failing agreement, jurisdiction shall lie with the courts of Boulogne-sur-Mer.


    Article 11 – CONTACTS

    a. Information: Drivers’ Information Office, website www.eurotunnelfreight.com/truckpark.

    b. Access to personal data: Eurotunnel, Service Juridique, Siège d’Exploitation, B.P. 69, 62904 Coquelles Cedex.

    c. Notification of an accident, incident, damage or objection: Eurotunnel, Service Commercial – Parking Fret, Siège d’Exploitation, B.P. 69, 62904 Coquelles Cedex.