• On arrival in Calais

    Customs status information

    Digital screens located on the freight exit route in France display the customs status linked to the vehicle.

     On arrival in Coquelles: your drivers simply need to follow the instructions displayed on the screens on board Club Cars and on the Driver Info web app for either the green or orange itinerary, according to their customs status.

     If drivers are required to follow the orange itinerary to the Centre Douane SIVEP, our Eurotunnel Border Service team will be available to assist your drivers, facilitate inspections and be the link between the authorities and customs agents (RDE).

  • Centre Douane SIVEP (CDS)


    Drivers can also view this information from their mobile device as soon as the shuttle arrives in Calais, so they can easily prepare to follow the green or orange route as instructed.

    Please make sure to make the Driver info web application your favorite tool when traveling with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight!