• Get there FIRST!

    Priority boarding

    Your vehicles get priority to board on the next available shuttle in both directions.

    Calais to Folkestone

    Folkestone to Calais

     Buffer zone in Calais

    No need to queue with other vehicles when the buffer zone is activated. You get direct access to Pit stop!

     At the Centre Douane SIVEP (CDS)

    Should your vehicle require an inspection on arrival in France, your driver will benefit from a dedicated priority desk at the CDS/SIVEP.

     A simple and hassle-free journey

    Your drivers don’t have to do anything as their vehicles are automatically recognised on arrival. They will simply be directed to priority boarding.


    Priority boarding and priority desk


    How does it work?

    Easy and convenient

    • All the vehicles travelling on your account benefit from a priority service.
    • A FIRST charge will be added to all your crossings under your existing contract.

    Both directions

    • This priority service applies in both directions.

    Minimum period

    • A minimum of one month subscription with automatic renewal.

    Frequently asked questions

  • As a FIRST account, your vehicles will be automatically recognised on our terminals. Your drivers will simply be directed to priority boarding.

    Please contact your Account Manager or our Freight Commercial teams for more information on how to apply.

    Your request will be dealt with within 3 working days. A confirmation will be sent as an addendum to your contract which will have to be signed.

    The subscription is for a minimum period of one month which is then renewed automatically. However, you can stop your subscription at any time after this initial period with 5 working days notice.

    Yes, you have the possibility to choose one direction only.

    No, it has been designed to ensure that the decision is made by the company.

    The usual check-in process applies. Your drivers will be informed on the screen that they travel as FIRST customers.

    Yes, your online Vehicle Tracking and all your usual account functionalities will still be available.