• In today’s climate, environmental considerations play an important part in businesses decisions when bidding for tenders. As a transport company, your customers’ aim will be to choose their transport partners in line with their green policy.
    By its very nature and continued commitments towards sustainable development, Eurotunnel is the most environmentally-friendly way to cross the Channel with a vehicle.


    Low carbon emissions

    The Channel Tunnel and its rail transport system have a number of intrinsic environmental advantages:

    • A fully underground link that does not emit sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides gases which are particularly harmful for public health and are specific to maritime transportation.
    • Electric locomotives that generate a low level of atmospheric pollution and only marginal greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the optimisation of air flow in the rail tunnels helps reducing the air resistance for our trains, and therefore expected to reduce traction energy by 1%.


    The CO2 emissions produced in transporting a lorry across the Channel by LeShuttle Freight are nearly 12 times lower than those produced in transporting the same lorry on a ferry*.


    Here at Eurotunnel, we are by nature a low-carbon player, an increasingly strong requirement for our customers.

    Did you know for example that...

    • Crossing the channel in one of our shuttles emits just 2kg of CO2 per car. On a ferry that jumps to 147kg! Our shuttles create 73 times fewer carbon emissions
    • Getlink is committed to cut its CO2 emissions by 30% in 2025 vs 2019 and support the ultimate goal of UK and FR for carbon neutrality by 2050 (in order to limit the global warming in line with Paris Agreement)
    • A lorry crossing the channel on our freight service produces 12 times fewer carbon emissions than by ferry*
    • When the construction on the Channel Tunnel started in 1988, we created Samphire Hoe as part of the work. It’s a 30-hectare site made from 4.9 million cubic metres of chalk marl from the excavations of the Tunnel. This biodiversity reserve where wildlife thrives is perfect for walking, fishing, and taking in the breathtaking natural landscape
    • In total, our company saves two million tonnes of CO2 each year, which is equivalent to the annual emissions of a town of around 200,000 inhabitants
    • Our electricity is low-carbon, and on our UK terminal it is completely carbon-free

    And our commitments to reduce our impact on the planet don't just stop there! Here are the commitments from our 2025 Environment Plan for sustainable mobility:

    • Contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing our CO2 emissions by 30%
    • Preserve our natural resources, for example by reducing our water consumption or integrating environmental performance into our purchasing practices
    • Reduce our waste and give it a new life via the circular economy by developing integral selective sorting for our customers and staff

    To learn more read our Environmental Plan 2025


    * According to a study carried out by Carbone 4 in 2020.