• Here at Eurotunnel, leader in low-carbon transport to meet the expectations of our customers. Did you know, for example?...

    • Eurotunnel has chosen 100% electric rail traction since the design of the Channel Tunnel  
    • Today, more than 50% of renewable energy is used in the group's electricity consumption
    • A truck crossing the Channel on our freight service emits 14 times less carbon emissions than by ferry*
    • Thanks to all its activities, the group avoids 1.4 million tons of CO2e1 (about 150,000t CO2e avoided for The Shuttle Freight)
    • Getlink is rated A- Leadership Level at CDP, the international benchmark for carbon performance

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    Getlink, a group committed to its ambitious decarbonization trajectory.
    Did you know, for example, that ?...


    Even if the emissions at the group's terminal are limited (50 ktCO2e), Getlink has set science-based commitments aligned with limiting global warming to 1.5°C in accordance with the Paris agreements. This concerns direct emissions and emissions related to its electricity consumption (Scopes 1&2):

    • - 30% in 2025 compared to 2019
    • - 54% in 2030 compared to 2019
    • Ambition of Net Zero in 2050

    Many powerful actions have already been launched by the group securing a trend of reduction of about 4% to 5% per year:

    • Development of renewable energies for its electricity consumption (off-site and on-site production), optimization of the number of vehicles per shuttle, use of bio-fuel for the locomotives of its freight subsidiary Europorte, electrification of the industrial maintenance vehicles…
    • For our Eurotunnel freight customers: provision of electric charging stations for refrigerated vehicles.

    And our commitments to reduce our impact on the planet don't just stop there!


    • We preserve our natural resources, for example by reducing our water consumption or integrating environmental performance into our sustainable purchasing practices. We carry out actions to defend and preserve biodiversity on all the land managed by the group in France and the United Kingdom, which represents more than 60 ha!

    Did you know? When construction of the Channel Tunnel began in 1988, we created Samphire Hoe as part of the work. It is a 30-hectare site consisting of 4.9 million cubic meters of limestone marl from the tunnel excavations. This biodiversity reserve where wildlife thrives is perfect for walking, fishing and enjoying the stunning natural scenery www.samphirehoe.com

    In France, areas around the plain of Sangatte and the Laubanie area are dedicated to the development of biodiversity (plant and avifauna diversity in particular)


    • We control our waste by giving it a new life by developing integral selective sorting for our customers and staff and by promoting the reuse, recycling and recovery of waste (Target is to reach 90% on the British terminal)

    To learn more about our commitments to sustainable mobility as part of our 2025 environmental plan, visit the Group's website Environmental Plan 2025.


    1 * According to a study conducted by Carbone 4 in 2020, commissioned by Getlink. See our carbon counter.