• The fast, smooth and efficient way to cross the border

    Eurotunnel Border Pass is an innovative and unique service that enables transport companies and their goods to cross the border in a fast and efficient way.

    It allows the necessary information to be transferred from the hauliers to Eurotunnel, and then to the authorities in both countries, in a secure and digital way.

    Dedicated lanes


    Benefit from many advantages

    • Dedicated lanes for Border Pass users
    • A fast and hassle-free journey. Drivers save a considerable amount of time on the terminals as their vehicles are automatically identified on arrival.
    • A flexible and convenient online tool. A Border Pass can be created and/or amended up to 30 minutes before arrival on our terminal.
    • A reliable and efficient border crossing The information is directly submitted from your support teams and available in our systems on arrival, so drivers do not have to present any border documents at Pit stops.

    How does it work?


    1. Simply log on to your online account at eurotunnelfreight.com, click on “Border Pass”.
    2. Enter your border data (MRN...) and sanitary certificate for SPS goods by linking it to a booking or a vehicle registration number.
    3. Once your Border Pass is validated, you will receive a unique Border Pass reference.
    4. A confirmation email is sent and can also be sent to the driver by SMS.
    5. On arrival at Pit stop, the driver does not need to present any documents. Vehicles are automatically recognised as well as the relevant border information already available in our systems.
    6. Border data are therefore automatically sent to the relevant authorities.
    7. During the crossing, the information linked to the vehicle’s registration number is processed. The relevant customs status is then provided with the route to be followed on arrival.
    Dedicated lanes  


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Your Border Pass is valid for a period of 72 hours, i.e. the date of travel and 24 hours before and after this date.


    Whether you make a booking or use the vehicle list, you can easily amend your travel information (date and vehicle registration number) by clicking on “View, amend or cancel a booking”.


    Yes, the border information is collected and transmitted to both authorities. However, these differ according to the direction.


    We have put in place a large number of filters to prevent the most frequent errors. However, in case MRN are not recognised by the authorities, the vehicle may be subject to check.


    You can easily retrieve your Border Pass history for the past x months via your online account.


    Important information

    • In order to avoid any delays any delays or issues with your customs documents, please ensure that all changes are made online at eurotunnelfreight.com before your vehicle arrives at our terminal.
    • Eurotunnel Border Pass is available in 5 languages, simple to use and easily managed by our customers via their online account.
    • A Border Pass can also be done for empty vehicle, postal goods or carnet ATA/TIR for a fastest process.
    • The Border Pass will be updated soon to include the GMR requirements effective from 01/01/2022.