• Save 25 km each way

    Eurotunnel connects the A16 motorway, in France to the M20 motorway in England –that’s 25 kilometres closer to London than the port of Dover resulting in significant fuel savings.

    Less fuel, less costs…
    and more for the environment

    Eurotunnel is the most environmentally-friendly way to cross the Channel. A truck crossing the Channel  on a shuttle emits 12 times less CO2 than with the ferries!* In addition, the 25 km journey from Folkestone to Dover saves a further 20 kg of carbon emissions each way!

    Environmentally-aware customers can be assured of an unbeatable performance when choosing Eurotunnel as their operator.


    We provide cost effective, reliable and sustainable
    solutions for international hauliers.

    * Study carried out by Carbone 4 in 2020