• Bookings

  • If you don’t have an account with Eurotunnel and need to amend your booking prior to travel, you will need to either amend your crossing online or contact the Eurotunnel Freight sales team at least 24 hours prior travel with all the relevant details. This will need to include your booking reference number(s) and the amendments required.

    Please note only vehicle registration and dates of travel can be amended. We cannot amend direction or length. For more information on our How to amend your booking section.
    You book for your planned travel date, and it will be valid for the planned date of travel and one day either side.
    Yes, tickets can be purchased at the Freight Drivers' Centres (unless capacity protection is in place)

    In Folkestone, the Freight Drivers' Centre is situated in the Freight park directly after the Check-in.
    In Calais, it is situated just before Check-in.
    We require a vehicle registration at the time of booking which enables immediate identification at check-in by our automatic number plate detectors (ANPR). You can however book up to an hour before arrival, or you can pay for your travel upon arrival.
    As stated in our Terms and Conditions, Freight bookings are amendable prior to the planned date of travel depending on availability and travel must be undertaken within 6 months of the initial date of booking. You can make amendments to your booking online.
    This request is for the person who is making the booking for invoicing purposes (not the driver’s information).
    No. With the Freight service, you book for the day of travel. Upon arrival you are allocated to the next available departure.
    Eurotunnel wants to ensure that customers’ regular traffic can continue to cross even when the service is affected by disruptive events and the demand is higher than the available capacity.

    Eurotunnel’s capacity protection ensures all regular Eurotunnel business is not affected by unpredicted surges in demand of non regular traffic that chooses to cross with Eurotunnel on these days.

    When capacity protection is active, all non-account holders’ sales are suspended and turn up and go traffic is rejected. Bookings already made will remain valid during capacity protection but new bookings will not be possible.

    Find more information about capacity protection here.
    No. This is not essential when making your booking.
    This is your vehicle registration number.
    We have up to 6 departures per hour at peak times. For more information, please visit our Freight timetable section. Our service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

  • Online accounts

  • You will need to ensure that your country code is stated upon entry. If you are still experiencing problems please contact us.
    Please visit our Account benefits section and contact the Eurotunnel Freight sales team who will take your company details.

  • Costs & charges

  • No, we only charge per vehicle unit. However, for safety reasons, all passengers need to be declared at Check-in (maximum 3 passengers per vehicle).
    Please click on the link below for more information
    The easiest way to obtain the Eurovignette is to book online via the www.eurovignettes.eu. However your drivers may also purchase it from the truck parks located a short distance from the Folkestone terminal (e.g. Stop 24 or Ashford Truckstop).

  • About the journey

  • You can check our service information in real time here to view the waiting time before checking in. Once you’ve checked in and cleared all the controls, your vehicle will be allocated to the next available departure. We run up to 6 departures per hour, that’s one departure every 10 minutes at peak times.
    Check-in is easy — Simply follow the directions to the Channel Tunnel from the M20 motorway or “Tunnel sous la Manche” from the A16 in France. When you arrive at check in, your number plate will be detected automatically. Our self-check-in screens are available in 12 languages, so simply follow the instructions displayed on the screens.

    For information about the journey step by step, you can watch our video here.
    The crossing takes 35 minutes from platform to platform.

    At a travel speed of 140 kilometres an hour, we provide the fastest and most efficient way to travel the Channel with a truck. Each step of the journey is designed for minimal stoppage and to help you save fuel.

    Find out more about our truck shuttles here.
    No a bus will take you to a “Club Car” (amenity wagon) during the journey and you will be taken back to your vehicle on arrival.
    Find out about Freight departures on our mobile site. Drivers can see their customised transit times linked to their vehicle registration numbers. (We don’t provide live departures times - only an average transit time in real time and the number of departures per hour).

    You can also visit our Latest Travel Information page for traffic updates at the terminals.

  • Location & facilities

  • Eurotunnel transports vehicles from Folkestone in Kent, to Coquelles in France. You can visit our Where to find us page.
    Our Eurotunnel Folkestone terminal is easily accessed just off of Junction 11A of the M20 as you head towards Dover. When you slip off towards the Channel Tunnel, keep right at the fork to continue to Freight Departures. Everything will be easily signposted, too — so don’t feel you’ll need to anxiously have your eyes glued to the Sat Nav!
    At Channel Customs, Stop 24 Folkestone services, located just off junction 11 of the M20.
    Conveniently located within Eurotunnel Freight terminal in France, Le Truck Village offers a spacious and highly secure environment for a restful break when you arrive in Calais.

    As for parking facilities near the Folkestone terminal, the Ashford Truckstop and Stop 24 are just a short distance away should you need a rest break before or after travelling with us. Stop 24 is your closest option, just minutes up the road, and the Ashford Truckstop is only a 20-minute drive from Eurotunnel Folkestone. Find out more about the nearby parking facilities here.

  • Travel allowances & restrictions

  • Pets are not permitted on the Freight service.
    We allow a maximum of 3 people, including the driver, per vehicle.
    Only children over the age of 12 years old can travel on the Freight shuttles.
    Only vehicles less than 7.5 tons can travel on the French Motorways during Bank Holidays and weekends. This restriction applies from 2200 hrs (CET) on Saturdays to 2200 hrs (CET) on Sundays.
    For safety reasons, campervans are not authorised to travel on our freight shuttles.
    Yes - a maximum of 60 litres of permitted fuel per transport unit may be transported and should be in suitable portable fuel containers.
    Please visit our vehicle restrictions page for more information.
    For more information about Eurotunnel's policy on the transport of dangerous goods, please visit our Dangerous Goods section.
    Yes, you can bring food with you for personal consumption between Folkestone & Calais, and for your onward journey. However, there are certain kinds of food that you cannot bring into the EU —use this resource on restrictions as a guide.

  • After your journey

  • Please contact the Eurotunnel Freight sales team immediately if you believe you have lost an item(s), providing us with as much information as possible.

  • Brexit & border-related issues

    For all of your questions relating to Brexit, the Eurotunnel Border Pass, identity documents, and more, please visit our border requirements FAQ page.

  • About Eurotunnel Le Shuttle’s brand

  • You might have noticed that we’ve undergone a rebrand! Announced in May 2023, our new branding by Landor & Fitch features sleek white lettering on a black background, plus green and purple accent colours. We feel that the polished lettering and stretched out ‘S’ better represents what we stand for: speed, convenience, innovation.

    This comes as a part of our broader strategy in which we’re working on pushing forward the Channel Tunnel experience for both passengers and freight hauliers alike.

    We have shortened our name to LeShuttle Freight. Our passenger service will just be referred to as LeShuttle. The reason for this change is, in part, to help clarify the difference between our two services.

    In short, as a customer of our freight service, you’ll now hear us talked about as LeShuttle Freight.

    Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything, and this doesn’t affect your travel with us.

    Getlink is the parent company of LeShuttle & LeShuttle Freight – and it’s been known as such since the 20th November 2017. Before then, Getlink was called ‘Groupe Eurotunnel’.

  • Any other questions

    If you have any other questions that we haven’t managed to answer here, please do get in touch — our friendly team will be happy to help.