• Our terminals are easily accessible, located directly on the main routes between London and the continent, the M20 at Folkestone and the A16 and A26 motorways at Calais.

    A journey step by step



    The easiest way to cross the Channel

    A journey tailored to your requirements


    Save time to cross the Channel with a truck Immediate customer identification at Check-in using number plate recognition and vehicle length detection. Transaction processed through multi-lingual touch screens.

    Drivers are driven to an air-conditioned ‘Club Car’ where they can relax comfortably and enjoy our free WiFi facilities during the crossing.
    They can also save time on their overall journey and take their official 45 min official break as their tachograph indicates that the vehicle is off from the time their vehicle is parked until they exit the shuttle on the other side of the Channel.

    On arrival, your driver is returned to his vehicle and drives directly onto the motorway as all controls are carried out before the crossing.


    If you have any questions, see our FAQ page.