• Conveniently situated off the A16 motorway in Coquelles, the Eurotunnel Truck Park offers a secure environment for drivers. Customers can take advantage of the highest level of security that Eurotunnel provides for its customers and their vehicles.

    Located directly on Eurotunnel’s terminal, drivers can also easily join our Freight Check-in without having to hit the road again!

    Secure parking on Eurotunnel’s own terminal

    Enjoy your stay and take advantage of the many services available

     Park a truck at Eurotunnel


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    • Payment methods accepted: Toll tag (TIS-PL) or card
    • Toilets and showers
    • Free WiFi access


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    Safe and secure

    Closely located to our safety and security controls area, the Eurotunnel Truck park provides the highest level of protection for drivers and their vehicles.

    Eurotunnel Truck Park includes:

    • An entry gate with Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    • High security fences
    • CCTV cameras, thermal image sensors and infra-red detectors all linked to our dedicate Security Control Centre under permanent surveillance by the authorities


    A wide range of services are available from the Terminal’s service station as follows:

    • Restaurant and snack bar offering pastries,
    • Hot and cold drinks
    • Truck shop
    • Telephone/ Internet Access / Free WiFi
    • Eurovignette facilities
    • Showers


     Parking and services at Eurotunnel Freight in Calais

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