• Our detection methods provide the highest level of protection for our customers.

    On our French terminal, in addition to security personnel and the presence of both French and British authorities, our measures are regularly adapted to keep our site secure:

    • A 40km perimeter fence encircles the entire 650 hectare French terminal.
    • High level fencing around the platforms, infra-red detectors, hundreds of CCTV cameras and thermal detection sensors ensure the security of our terminal.
    • The new buffer zone and the Eurotunnel Truck Park offer secure areas for your drivers off the motorway.

    Fast and efficient controls

    In line with the latest technologies, our security control systems are designed to protect your drivers, your vehicles and your loads every step of their journey. All checks are carried out BEFORE the crossing.

    Vehicles are rigorously inspected by using the following measures:

    Passive Millimetric Medium Wave controls:

    • 100% of trucks are scanned using PMMW, which uses passive medium waves to detect any potential human presence inside the truck.

    Security controls:

    • With the driver’s permission or in case of suspicion of intrusion, sniffer patrols inspect trucks in a dedicated covered area.
      Euroscan X ray controls are located on each terminal and allow the detection of arms and explosives that may be present on the truck.

    Border controls:

    • French customs carry out normal controls for searching drugs or illicit materials in addition to further specialised controls (X-rays or Ion scans).

    UK Border Force:

    • Their mission is to control passports and entry of illegal intrusions in the U.K. A heartbeat detector may be used to recognise any human presence on board the trucks. They also search for cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and any other illicit substances.

    • The authorities have also the ability to unload the trucks if necessary.

    UKBF operate an Accreditation Scheme to help hauliers in avoiding financial penalties.
    For further information please visit www.gov.uk/secure-your-vehicle-to-help-stop-illegal-immigration