• Our shuttles are powered by electricity which provides you with the greenest possible option to cross the Channel for trucks and goods.

    ► To account for the high increase in the price of electricity an Electricity Value Adjustment (EVA) is added to the crossing rate. Its value is the same for all vehicles on all customer accounts. As of 7th August 2023 and until 31st December 2023 for all vehicles travelling with the Freight Service this will be:

    Currency   Freight Vehicles > 7.5m Freight Vehicles < 7.5m
    EUR €28 €14
    GBP £26 £13

    ► Please note that EVA is also applicable to vehicles travelling on Eurotunnel’s VP service. Its current value is €19/£17 per crossing. For VP crossings, the EVA is not added separately but included in the crossing rate.

    A decision has been taken to move to a more dynamic purchasing model for electricity in 2024, which may see more regular evolutions in EVA. We will therefore, as from 01/01/2024, update EVA monthly, upwards, downwards or with no change, depending on market conditions.

    We have also been able to review the amount of EVA as of 1st January 2024 and continue our reduction, in line with reduced costs:

    Currency   Freight Vehicles > 7.5m Freight Vehicles < 7.5m
    EUR €23
    a decrease of €5  
    a decrease of €2
    GBP £21
    a decrease of £5
    a decrease of £2