• Our shuttles are powered by electricity which provides you with the greenest possible option to cross the Channel for trucks and goods.

    ► To account for the high increase of the price of electricity and since 1 April 2022, an Electricity Value Adjustment (EVA) is added to the crossing rate.

    ► Its value is the same for all vehicles on all customer accounts, at 20€/18£ per crossing for all vehicles over 7.5m, and 10€/10£ for vehicles under 7.5m since 1 July 2022.

    ► Note that the EVA is also applicable to vehicles travelling on Eurotunnel’s VP service. Its current value is 10€/£10 per crossing. For VP crossings, the EVA is not added separately but included in the crossing rate.

    ► From 1 January 2023, the EVA will be 38€/£34 for vehicles above 7.5m or 19€/£17 for lower size vehicles.