• You can park for the duration of your choice. The FIRST HOUR is FREE, so you can easily grab a snack or refuel from the service station. If you park over one hour, the rates will apply accordingly.
    If you have a Toll Tag (TIS-PL), your account will be debited automatically. You can also pay by debit or credit card (directly at the exit gate or at the Driver Information Centre (Bureau Information Fret) where you can also pay by cash should you have no Toll-Tag (TIS-PL) or debit/credit card.

    Accepted toll tags: Eurotunnel Truck Park
    Don’t worry, you can also pay with a debit/credit card. To do so, simply insert your ticket when exiting the Truck Park and pay for your duration at one of the tills located in the Truck Park (the Driver Lounge and at the exit gate) or directly at the Freight Driver Centre.
    Please go to the Driver Information Centre from where your time of entry may be retrieved. At the exit gate, you can also press Help for assistance where a hotline multilingual team will inform you how to proceed.
    Simply enter the Truck Park from the main entrance gate and park. The first hour is FREE.
    No, unaccompanied trailers are not permitted in this Truck Park.
    You will need to continue your journey through to Check-in where an agent will be able to exit your vehicle and direct you back to the main entrance of the Truck Park.
    YES. There is no restriction with dangerous goods in the Eurotunnel Truck Park.
    Eurotunnel Truck Park’s terms and Conditions are available here.