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  • 2024 Eurotunnel Freight Rates

    Vehicles > 13 m: From £277 / €324* each way
    Vehicles 7.5 m – 13 m: From £233 / €272* each way
    Vehicles < 7.5 m: From £170 / €204* each way
  • *Excluding EVA (Electricity Value Adjustment) and Peak Days.


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    • Time: a swift 35 minutes journey time, fast check-in and a smooth transfer motorway to motorway.
    • Fuel: 25km less on the road each way compared to the ferry.
    • Drivers' wait: up to 1 departure every 8 minutes at peak times and a service available 24/7, 365 days a year.


    All prices exclude VAT and may be subject to change.
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