Mandatory customs barcode documents


In order to ensure that your drivers have a smooth and hassle-free crossing, we have produced some useful leaflets so that they can easily understand which customs documents with a barcode are required on each terminal when carrying goods (except for postal goods only).

Customers who have a Border Pass do not need to present any documents.

From UK to France

  • a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) : 18 characters and/or
  • an EU Import declaration (“Déclaration douane anticipée”) : 10 digits and/or
  • a Logistics envelope : 7 characters starting with “E”.


Download the leaflet

From France to UK

  • a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) : 18 characters and
  • a GMR : 12 characters starting with GMR and/or
  • an EU Export Accompanying Document (EAD): 18 characters and/or
  • a Logistics envelope : 7 characters starting with “E”.


Download the leaflet

Sanitary and PhytoSanitory documents

We also remind you that when transporting animal and plant origin products, in addition to MRN/ barcodes, a DSCE/CHED (EU sanitary document) is mandatory when travelling from UK to France.

We strongly advise that the DSCE/CHED reference is included in the Border Pass so that your drivers save valuable time on arrival at SIVEP as the inspection process can start whilst the vehicle is on its way.

Important reminder

Empty vehicles or vehicles carrying postal goods MUST be notified at Pit stop or in the Border Pass, even if no customs document is required.

Customs status information

In addition to the screens on the freight exit route in France displaying the customs status linked to their vehicle, drivers can also view this information from their mobile devices as soon as the shuttle arrives in Calais, so they can easily prepare to follow the green or orange itinerary as instructed.

Please ensure your drivers make our Driver info web app their favourite tool when travelling with us!

Please also make your drivers fully aware in order to ensure fluidity at Pit stops.

For further information, don't forget to visit our dedicated Brexit Information and updates page which is regularly updated.

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