Together, let’s keep the vital supply chain working


Despite the spread of Covid-19 around the world and its impact on businesses, we continue to provide the vital link to supply the goods which our economies need whilst ensuring the protection and comfort of all.

We have adapted our operations in several ways to ensure the comfort and protection of both your drivers and our staff: provision of hand-sanitisers, increased cleaning everywhere, improved use of trains and minibuses and their movements, while respecting social distancing rules. We have equipped our train and terminal agents with face protection equipment and invite you again to provide your drivers with similar material. At the same time, our normal safety rules have of course also been maintained at their highest level. Our service offer is safe and secure for all.

We have adapted our timetable to ensure 4 departures per hour and direction. With a departure every 15 minutes on average and a crossing time of 35 minutes, we continue to offer by far the highest frequency of departures, and the fastest way to cross the Channel to meet your delivery requirements.

More than ever, your drivers play a vital role in the supply of goods across Europe. To support them during these difficult times, we are providing access to toilets and showers on our French terminal where they are also offered free hot drinks and a snack pack, while hot meals will be proposed shortly. A similar offer is made for drivers heading to the UK through partners in Ashford. We take good care of your drivers.

Our train capacity is intact and we will increase the frequency in line with the growing demand which expected in the coming days with the planned easements of lock downs in most countries. We will help you increase your activity again.

We look forward to welcoming your drivers and your loads in higher numbers soon. Together, we can support the recovery of our European economies.

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