What's new after Brexit?


Your drivers will need to ensure that they have their customs and sanitary documents* before arriving on the terminal. Failure to present the requirement documents may prevent the vehicles from travelling.


*It can be hard copy or digital

The steps :

From Folkestone > Calais

1. At check-in: your drivers are requested to declare if they are empty/loaded and if they have obtained their customs documents for their goods.

New Check-in screens


2. At the “Pit Stop” area, Eurotunnel agents will ask 5 questions to your drivers relating to their goods carried. A leaflet is available in 12 languages. Your drivers are then required to present their customs documents for scanning.


3. This customs information associated to the registration numbers of the vehicle will be sent to the French Customs.


4. During the crossing, French Customs will decide if their vehicle have to be controlled in Calais.

During the crossing


5. On arrival in Calais, after exiting the shuttle, a digital screen will indicate to your drivers whether they should follow the green or orange lane.

► The green lane means that no control is required, and the vehicle can go directly to the motorway A16.

► The orange lane will direct your drivers to our new Centre Douane SIVEP. Customs or Sivep agents will proceed to the documents controls and/or goods checks. Eurotunnel agents will be present to assist your drivers during the controls. It is really important that your drivers leave the Centre Douane Sivep as soon as the controls are completed to make space available for other vehicles.


From Calais > Folkestone

1. At the “Pit Stop” area (located before check-in), Eurotunnel agents will ask the 3 following questions and your drivers are required to present their customs documents for scanning.

  1. Do you have a customs document with a barcode?
  2. Is your vehicle empty or are you only carrying postal mail?
  3. Do you have an ATA / TIR carnet?


2. From Check-in, there is no change for the rest of the journey.

During the crossing


3. On arrival in the UK, British authorities do no control on our terminal so your vehicles can join directly the M20 motorway.



  • The other Eurotunnel processes and dangerous goods declarations remain unchanged.


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