• Movement of CITES

    Eurotunnel has been designated for use by individuals and businesses for the movement of CITES-protected specimens after Brexit.

    • How to process CITES items when travelling with Eurotunnel?

    You will need to present your documentation away from the Folkestone terminal.

    If you are travelling from Calais to Folkestone: you will be directed to the Ashford International Truck Stop.

    If you are travelling from Folkestone to Calais: Documentation must be checked prior to travel at another designated location or Ebbsfleet International Station. Please note that Ebbsfleet may be very busy, so you should investigate alternative designated locations you could use.

    For all movements of CITES specimens from the UK, please check the specific requirements with the intended country of import or export on the Global CITES website.

    Details of how to obtain CITES documents such as a permit or import/export notification in the UK are available on GOV.UK, as are current details of fees for CITES permits.

    CITES permits and notifications must be presented to Border Force for inspection and endorsement.

    • More information on trading and moving endangered species protected by CITES, please click here
    • Find out about all the CITES points on Entry and Exit (PoE) designated for use by individuals and businesses to move CITES specimens between the UK and the EU after Brexit.