• Declarations

    Q: Where can I find all the relevant guidance from UK and French governments?

    UK government:

    FR government:

    Q: Do I need to have 2 EORI numbers, one for the UK and one for the EU?

    A: Yes, both EORI numbers are required. However, it may be necessary to check if these have already been obtained by your customers. Note that Eurotunnel does no need to know EORI numbers.

    Q: What Border information will my drivers be required to present when crossing with Eurotunnel from 1st January 2021?

    A: The following information will be required to cross the border:

    • Customs references (e.g. Transit MRN barcodes, Goods Movement Reference – GMR…)
    • Mandatory sanitary certificates (if not prelodged digitally by the Trader/Custom Broker)
    • Safety and security references (e.g ENS/ICS, ECS…)

    Click on the link to view Drivers’ requirements to cross with Eurotunnel:

    Q: In which systems do I need to declare?

    A: Click on the link to view Who/What/Where/For Whom?

    Q: What are the codes to use in NCTS between UK and EU under transit?

    A: For a FOCA transit declaration in NCTS, the French Customs office code is FR620001.

    The French Customs office code to use for Fish/Seafood in transit to Boulogne is FR000630, which is dedicated to the Boulogne SIVEP.

    For goods travelling from EU to UK under transit, the code is GB000060 – More info here

    These codes are just for travel when using NCTS, so there are not codes for non-transit travel

    Q: What are the requirements if the truck carries goods subject to Sanitary or Phytosanitary controls?

    A: For French sanitary authorities, before travelling in EU import, either the driver must have the sanitary certificates on board or haulier has to be sure that the digital sanitary certificate has been sent with the relevant DCSE through TRACES NT. At the Pit Stop, your driver will have to declare to the Eurotunnel Pit stop agent that they are carrying such goods. They will then be required to proceed to the Centre Douane SIVEP in Coquelles after the crossing where the relevant certificates will be requested by the SIVEP agents.

    For UK authorities, GMR will include also sanitary references for both UK import and export.

    Q: How will it work for empty vehicles?

    A: The empty vehicle definition is either a vehicle 100% empty or a vehicle with no load but having reusable packaging (e.g. crates, plastic trays, …). The process is defined by customs authorities.

    For French authorities, you have to notify Eurotunnel if the vehicle is empty either at Pit stop or on the Border Pass. However, note that a customs declaration has to be made for reusable packaging and can be used several times.   

    See the details in the French customs guide :

    Preparing for Brexit customs guidelines (English version - p45-46)

    For UK authorities, you have to declare if the vehicle is empty in GVMS to get your GMR (mandatory from 1st January 2022) and then present your GMR to Eurotunnel either at Pit stop or notify it in the Border Pass.  Please note that a customs declaration has to be made for reusable packaging. More info, click here

    Q: Do I have to confirm to the authorities that the goods have arrived in the country?

    A: No. The authorities will be informed directly by Eurotunnel when the vehicle has crossed.

    Q: What is an envelope code?

    A: If you have multiple declarations with different barcodes, French customs have developed a solution whereby you can generate one single barcode (envelope code) thus grouping the declarations and saving time in scanning documents. More info, click here.

    Q: Does my vehicle need to have an EU Export declaration even if an Import UK declaration has already been made?

    A: From 01/01/2021
    For UK authorities (UK Import) GMR is required only for goods travelling under Transit (CTC).
    For French authorities (EU Export) references of export documents are required including Transit.

    From 01/01/2022
    For UK authorities (UK Import) GMR is required for all vehicles even if empty or postal.
    For French authorities (EU Export) references of export documents are required including Transit.

    Q: Does my vehicle need to have an UK Export declaration even if an EU Import declaration has already been done?

    A: From 01/01/2021
    For UK authorities (UK Export) GMR is required only for goods travelling under Transit (CTC).
    For French authorities (EU Import) references of import documents are required including Transit.

    From 01/01/2022
    For UK authorities (UK Export) GMR is required for all vehicles even if empty or postal.
    For French authorities (EU Import) references of import documents are required including Transit.

    Q: What do customers need to do for ‘Safety & Security Declarations’ relating to movements of goods and what is Eurotunnel’s involvement in the process?

    A: ‘Safety & Security Declarations’ are the responsibility of the Haulier. They are not the responsibility of the Shipper(s) or the Customs Broker(s).

    For UK Authorities: they will be included in the GMR meaning that relevant Safety and &Security Declarations have to be declared through the GVMS (Export from UK and Import to UK)

    For FR Authorities (Douane):

    • Import to EU – this formality is called ICS (Import Control System). The Haulier has to declare ICS information - by EDI only - to the French Douane. To be done through an ICS IT service provider certified by French Douane (see link and attached list) www.douane.gouv.fr/services-aide/edi
    • Export from EU – no need for declaration (up to now). Customs formalities are sufficient: i.e. T-Form for Transit regime and/or EAD for conventional customs regime

    Eurotunnel is not involved in this process: we neither collect nor control any of these Safety & Security Declarations.

    Please click here to view the certified ICS IT service providers

    Q. How can I request assistance from French Customs to close an MRN?

    A: Please click on this link, enter your contact details, select “DELTAXIMPORT” or “DELTAXEXPORT" and submit (website currently available in French – English translation in progress).


  • FR / UK Inspections

    Q.: Will the orange/green status of trucks also be shown by registration number on the Club Cars screens before the crossings ends?

    A: No this is not planned for the moment as we have installed dynamic signage on the exit road of the French terminal. The information will also be available on the Driver app.

    Q: What is the likely impact of the controls on the overall journey time when you cross from France to UK?

    A: There will be no significant impact on vehicle’s journey time, especially if your driver has a Eurotunnel Border Pass. The only difference being that the barcodes will need to be presented and scanned at the Pit Stop if information has not been sent in advance.

    If UK Border Authorities decide to control the documents or the goods, they will do this remotely at Sevington, which is a dedicated site operated by the relevant UK authorities located 9 miles away from Eurotunnel’s terminal, just off the M20 motorway.

    Q. What are the requirements for the transport of seafood?

    A: Customers carrying seafood will need to proceed directly to the SIVEP facility in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

    Q: Could my vehicle be requested to return to the UK after a control at Centre Douane SIVEP?

    A: In some rare occasions, for instance when goods of plant or animal origin are declared as unsuitable for entry into the EU for sanitary reasons by SIVEP, the owner of the goods will be asked to choose between having the goods destroyed (at their cost) or travelling back to the UK, escorted by the authorities (at the haulier’s cost).

    Q: How and when will my driver know if the vehicle has been identified as green or orange French customs status?

    A: Green or orange instructions will be given to your driver directly after their crossing and clearly displayed on digital panels on the exit road.
    These instructions will also be given via the Eurotunnel Driver Info app.

    Q: What is the likely impact of the controls on the journey time from UK to France?

    A: There will be no significant impact on vehicle’s journey time, especially if your driver has a Eurotunnel Border Pass. The only difference being that the barcodes will need to be presented and scanned at the Pit Stop if information has not been sent in advance.

    Customs will then decide on the vehicle status:

    • If the vehicle status is green: your driver will continue his journey directly.
    • If the vehicle status is orange: your driver will have to go to the Centre Douane SIVEP for controls. If all the documentation is in order, these checks should be completed very quickly.
    • For a vehicle carrying plant or animal origin goods: additional checks will be required at the SIVEP controls which should also be quickly completed if only the paperwork needs to be checked.
    • It may take longer if a physical control of the goods is requested by either Customs or SIVEP or if the RDE (Customs Agent) has to intervene in the process.
    • For a vehicle carrying seafood products, your driver will have to go directly to the SIVEP located in Boulogne-sur-Mer exiting by the green lane.

    Q. Do transporters need to “Book a slot with SIVEP” in advance to present paperwork?

    A: SIVEP will automatically be notified of a vehicle’s impeding arrival. It is not necessary to book a slot with SIVEP before arrival.


  • Eurotunnel Border Pass

    Q. What is the Eurotunnel Border Pass?

    A: For speed and convenience, your border data can be sent to Eurotunnel in advance through your online booking account, before your driver turns up at the terminal. Once all information is entered, you will then get your Eurotunnel Border Pass which is a unique reference. It can be done up to 30 min before the arrival of your vehicle.

    The vehicle will instantly be recognised by the registration number so the driver will not need to present any documents at Pit Stop.

    Q. How to get a Eurotunnel Border Pass?

    A: You can access the Eurotunnel Border Pass pages directly from your Eurotunnel web account. Once you have sent your data, you will receive a confirmation of the Eurotunnel Border Pass reference number by email. Your driver will then need to show nothing at the Pit stop. This has to be done for each crossing which is a single leg one. We do not work on round trip. You can use your own scanning device to send us the barcode references required to generate a Eurotunnel Border Pass.

    Q. Should the MRN number be communicated to Eurotunnel in advance? How much in advance?

    A: Yes, if you use Eurotunnel Border Pass option, you have to send your references at least 30 minutes before arriving at check-in.

    Q. When will the Eurotunnel Border Pass go live?

    A: It will be live via our Freight online booking module by mid-December 2020.


  • Pit stop

    Q. Can my vehicle arrive at the terminal without sending information in advance?

    A: Yes – Your driver will simply need his border references with barcodes which will be scanned at the relevant Pit Stop upon presentation and associated to the vehicle registration number.

    Q: Do Eurotunnel require proof that customs declarations have been made?

    A: Eurotunnel’s mission is to collect and transfer this data to both authorities but not to check or control the validity of the documents.

    Q. When HMRC (U.K. Customs) issues a GMR, do they also notify Eurotunnel so that the GMR can be linked to the truck & trailer ID?

    A: No, Eurotunnel associates the GMR presented by the driver at the Pitstop to the vehicle. The UK authorities will then confirm whether the GMR is valid.

    Q. Is it possible that the driver shows his customs documents with the barcode on his mobile phone?

    A: Yes. We do not need a document as such but a barcode that we can also scan with a mobile device and not only on a paper document.

    Q. What happens if the vehicle that shows up at the Pit Stop does not match the one that was declared?

    A: For the French authorities, it is the registration of the vehicle that will actually cross (and therefore validated at the Pit stop) that we must send to the authorities. If the vehicle that shows up at the pit stop is not the one that has been declared, we will change its registration when sending it to the authorities.
    For the UK authorities, a GMR is linked to a truck’s VRN. The truck registered on GVMS must be the one that transports the goods. Hauliers are able to edit GMRs in advance, so if during the process a VRN changes they can do this before a truck arrives at Eurotunnel’s terminal. If not, the GMR code will not be valid and the vehicle will not be able to travel until it has been modified.


  • Eurotunnel Border Service / RDE

    Q. What is the role of Eurotunnel Border Service “EBS” in Coquelles?

    A: Eurotunnel Border service is the official representative of Customs brokers (Représentant en Douane Enregistré)who are in contract with Eurotunnel only.

    The teams will be available 24/7 to assist drivers with contacting your company or your custom broker.

    At the Border facilities building located in the new truck park:

    • to finalise the FR/EU Export and UK Import formalities
    • A remote printing facility will be available if you want to send a document to your driver who will be able to print it on site.

    At the Centre Douane SIVEP:

    • to assist drivers which truck was put in orange status
    • to provide on-site representation for customs agent/broker (under contract with Eurotunnel) for customs and sanitary inspections.

    The team will also be official representative of Customs brokers in contract with Eurotunnel during the Customs and SIVEP inspections.

    Click here to view the role of our dedicated Eurotunnel Border Service team on the French terminal.

    Q. If you arrive in Calais without an export and go to EBS, what do you need to have to get an export done?

    The Export declaration has to be done by the RDE, not by EBS.
    EBS will assist the driver at the Border facilities building to print the EAD/TAD documents if needed.
    EBS can also assist the driver to create the envelope code.
    The barcodes will then be scanned at Pit stop associated to the vehicle registration number to be sent to UK/FR authorities.

    Q. What are the charges to be imposed by RDE to handle the documentation?

    A: There is no additional fee for drivers using EBS. EBS will invoice the RDE if requested and then the RDE will invoice his customer (normally the trader/shipper and not the haulier). In any case the driver will not have to pay something.

    Q. Can we have the contact details of the Customs Agents authorized by Eurotunnel in Calais?

    A: The list of RDE (customs agents) already in contract with EBS is available on request. Please contact your Eurotunnel account manager.
    NB: there will be RDE present at the Centre Douane SIVEP.


  • Identity documents

    Q. What documents are required for drivers for the FR-UK and UK-FR crossings?

    No change as far as identity cards and passports are concerned after 1 Jan 2021. But a passport will be required for everyone to enter the UK after 1 October 2021.

  • VP Service

    Q. Will this service still be an option after 31/12/2020?

    A: Yes.

    Q. How will VP account holders be affected by the new arrangements?

    A: The VP service will continue to operate after 1 January. However:

    • a Eurotunnel Border Pass will become mandatory to validate a booking which means that border information will always have to be sent in advance to use this service.
    • it will also be mandatory to indicate a valid phone number so that a SMS can be then sent with the Customs status (Green/Orange).

    Like for the freight service, border data and plate number will be sent after check-in to the British and French authorities.

    On arrival in France after crossing, vehicles will Orange status will have to follow the dedicated road signage to go to the Centre Douane SIVEP (same one as for vehicles using the freight service).

    On arrival in the UK after crossing, Orange vans will have to go to Sevingtonor any other designated inspection place.