Optimal level of hygiene on board our Club Cars


We always consider the safety of our customers as the highest priority and strive to make your drivers’ experience as enjoyable as possible at every step of their journey.

We are therefore delighted to confirm our partnership with Nano-Désinfection, the professional customer division of NanoProtection, which is the exclusive French distributor of the surface treatment product Liquid Guard®*.

What is Liquid Guard®?

Liquid Guard® is a long-term antimicrobial disinfectant that protects all surface areas for a duration of ONE year. This new generation coating has been professionally applied on all the surfaces of our Club Cars and therefore provides, in addition to our standard cleaning process, which is carried out after each crossing, an optimal level of hygiene for the well-being of our customers.

We have installed information posters on-board so that your drivers can be reassured that they are travelling safely and in full confidence on our Club Cars.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Freight Commercial Team if you have any queries.


*Liquid Guard® surface treatment was created in April 2019 by the German laboratory Nano-Care Deutschland AG, an internationally renowned specialist in the production of ready-to-use high-tech coatings and specialised in the creation and production of surface treatments.

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