Your guide to the HGV Road User Levy


What is the HGV Road User Levy?

The HGV road user levy is a time-based charge of up to £1,000 a year or £10 a day that is applied by the UK authorities to heavy goods vehicles (HGV) of 12 tonnes or more. The aim of the levy is to ensure that heavy freight vehicles are contributing to resolving any wear and tear on the UK road network. It also seeks to create a level playing field for domestic operators.

Who has to pay the HGV Road User Levy?

All UK and non-UK vehicles weighing 12 tonnes and over using UK roads are liable to pay the tax as soon as they enter the UK territory. It must, therefore, be paid before entering the UK. For foreign HGVs, the levy can be paid by the operator, driver, or a booking agent.

How does the HGV Road User Levy work?

All freight companies have to pay a charge for each one of their vehicles that weigh over 12 tonnes. The charge is payable on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis for non-UK companies. For UK hauliers, they can pay the charge on a six-monthly or annual basis, in the same transaction as they pay the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED).

The levy currently applies to all public roads in the UK, including Northern Ireland. However, the Secretary of State may by order provide that the HGV Road User Levy Act does or does not apply to specified roads if required.

Can I transfer a road levy between vehicles?

No, you cannot transfer a road levy between vehicles. Each vehicle needs to be registered and paid for on an individual basis.

How much is the HGV Road User Levy?

There are various levy bands based on weight, axles and vehicle type. Each band denotes how much the levy for your particular vehicle is. You can check the amount you need to pay online, through the payment portal and at

You can download the HGV Levy Payment Guide for more information.

Do foreign lorries pay road tax?

Foreign lorries do have to pay the HGV Road User Levy. This must be done before the lorry enters the UK. The levy affects all vehicles of 12 tonnes or more that drive on UK roads, regardless of their country of registration.

This refers to any HGV not registered in the UK, including HGVs registered on both the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands

How do I pay the HGV Road User Levy?

For UK HGVs the simplest way is to undergo the payment of levy alongside VED in a single transaction. You can create an account through the payment portal, and pay for vehicles specified on the account there.

For non-UK HGVs there are a number of ways to pay including:

  • Electronic payment via a Non UK Operator Payment System
  • Payment system developed and operated by Northgate Public Services
  • Credit card
  • BACs
  • Fuel card
  • Debit card
  • Point of sale (incl. cash payment facility)


Do I need an account to pay the HGV Road User Levy?

Having an account makes everything simpler and quicker. It’s also really handy if you have a fleet of 50 or more HGVs as everything is kept neatly in one place for you. The system retains your details so you can make payments for multiple vehicles and receive refunds on outstanding months of levy that are unused (refunds are not available for ‘pay and go’). You can also receive a reminder when the levy for a particular vehicle is about to expire.

Do I still have to pay the other road charges?

Other charges, such as the congestion charge, still apply even if a user has paid the HGV Road User Levy, as they apply to different areas of the UK road system.

What happens if you don’t pay the HGV Road User Levy?

If you don’t pay the HGV Road User Levy, it is a criminal offence and you will risk being fined. All enforcement agencies will be automatically alerted when an HGV enters the UK road network without paying the levy. HGVs will be stopped and the driver will be issued a £300 fixed penalty.

If you can’t pay, your HGV will be immobilised and impounded until payment of the fine is made. Additional immobilisation and storage costs will also be charged.

If you have any further questions, the following resources cover things in more detail:

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Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and our friendly team of staff will be happy to help.

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