Covid-19 : facial covering recommendation


With the progressive easing of lock down measures in several countries, wearing a facial covering is a growing practice in many public places and could soon become the norm.

In this context, we are now recommending that all drivers and their passengers wear a facial covering when travelling on our trains and minibuses. It can be any type of publicly available covering, as long as it covers the nose and mouth.

Most of your drivers are now already used to wearing a facial covering when using our shuttle service and we would ask you again to continue to provide such equipment to your drivers.

Starting today and for the next few weeks, until everyone is able to equip themselves, a complimentary facial covering will be provided to all drivers requiring one when they arrive at our terminals.

You know already that we have adapted our transport processes to ensure social distancing and protection for everyone. This new initiative is another responsible decision that we are taking to ensure everyone’s health and well-being when crossing the Channel with Eurotunnel.

You are choosing Eurotunnel for its fast and frequent service. The protection and well-being of your drivers is now another reason to do so.


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