Covid-19: further operational measures


The Coronavirus crisis is impacting businesses across Europe and Eurotunnel is no exception. We are having to adapt our entire transport model and processes to serve our customers’ changing needs whilst protecting truck drivers and our own staff. We have already made substantial changes and we continue to review the situation every day.

You will already know that we have reduced the load factors on our Freight Shuttles in order to increase social distancing for drivers and crew during the crossing. We have encouraged drivers to follow government advice on hand sanitation and use of PPE and we have added extra minibus rotations to maintain social distancing for truck drivers in the smaller buses on our French terminal.

The buses on the UK terminal are larger, but the routing is more complex due to the smaller size of the terminal and we have been working within these constraints to find a similar solution for social distancing in the UK buses. Two separate trials last week did not, unfortunately, give us an optimal solution.

We have successfully tested a new combination of buses and other crew vehicles that will enable us to ensure correct social distancing during the transfer from truck cab to club-car and back.

This new process will be introduced end of the day and we are confident that it meets the requirements for social distancing that will protect both your drivers and our staff.

On top of these measures, for those who have commercial van traffic, we have expanded capacity to carry commercial vans on our Passenger Shuttles. Drivers using this service on our Passenger Shuttles remain in their own vehicle throughout the crossing, with no minibus transfer and without contact with any others. For more information on this service, or to open VP account, please contact our Freight Commercial team.

Please rest assured that we are working in the best interests of the protection of your drivers and our staff.

Together we will keep the vital supply chain working.

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