Covid-19: operational measures


We are continuing to adapt our operations in order to apply the guidelines for the protection and confort of your drivers and our staff to the best of our ability.

Since last week, the loading of the shuttles has been reduced in order to enable drivers to maintain a safe distance between each other. This measure limits our capacity and incurs waiting time which is at times significant. Whilst our rolling stock capacity remains optimal, it is the rules of social distancing between drivers on the terminals which have impacted on our operations up until now.

We have therefore taken certain additional measures in order to reduce this waiting time whilst maintaining maximum security for your drivers. The following rules have been implemented:

  • Part of the seats in the Club cars, on board which your drivers travel during the crossing, have been made inaccesible in order to optimise the space between drivers on board
  • As of Friday, during the loading in France, each minibus which transports the drivers to the Club car prior to the crossing will make two trips so as to halve the number of passengers on board each minibus
  • A similar process for the offloading of the shuttles in France for transporting drivers from the Club car to their vehicles will be implemented as of this evening
  • The minibuses used on the UK side are large enough to carry an acceptable number of passengers in accordance with the recommended social distance guidelines. They cannot unfortunately operate on the French terminal
  • Additional shuttle departures will be added wherever possible

We are doing our utmost in order to ensure the continuity of our service in the best conditions possible. The safety of our operations remains however essential and the solutions retained must be effective in the longterm if we want to continue together to provide the indispensable supply of goods which we all need.

It is the responsibility of all of us to try to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Please also ensure that you take the necessary measures to ensure the protection and confort of your drivers and those with whom they may be in contact.

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