Covid-19: important information


Le Shuttle freight works closely with the British and French governments to apply the most up to date advice and guidance for the protection and comfort of its customers.

In addition to regularly cleaning common spaces and topping up soap dispensers across the terminal and on-board shuttles, hand sanitisers are installed in driver minibuses and in all club-cars.

In response to the latest social distancing requirements from the UK government, both in transit and on the terminals, we operate a limited capacity in each train, resulting in additional social space for HGV drivers on trains and buses.

We are working to provide additional departures to mitigate any impact on waiting time.

Slowing the spread of Coronavirus is the responsibility of all. We ask our freight customers to play their part in ensuring that they also follow government advice and take all measures necessary for the protection and comfort of their own truck drivers and for those they come into contact with.

With everyone following government advice, we can slow the spread of the virus and continue to maintain the vital trade link across the Channel to the benefit of all.

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