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    Updated on 02/12/2019

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    The British Government has been very clear that, no matter whether they reach a Deal or a No Deal outcome in the Brexit negotiations, no additional controls would be imposed on goods imported to the UK. In a No Deal outcome, however, they would require goods imported to be pre-declared for Customs purposes in CDS, the new Customs Declaration System to replace CHIEF, which will be introduced next year.

    A communication and education programme will come from the British Government when this project is ready for launch. The only requirement at the border itself would be for a confirmation message to tell CDS that the goods had crossed the border. Any inspections required would take place inland, away from the Eurotunnel Terminal.

    The EU also has the two options (Deal or no Deal) to prepare for, but is constrained by EU Law: in a Deal scenario, there would be no additional controls. In a No Deal Scenario, there could be additional controls required on certain goods.

    The French authorities have stated publicly that their ambition is to maintain traffic flow through the Channel Tunnel.

    In both cases, Eurotunnel will maintain its Shuttle service and will provide capacity to match forecast customer demand, as today. We are preparing for the possibility of the No Deal scenario to ensure that we continue to provide the fastest and most frequent route to cross the Channel.

    Eurotunnel is working closely with both Governments to ensure that the Channel Tunnel remains the fastest,
    most frequent and most reliable route for goods to cross the Channel.




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