• Internet Freight Sales

    Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions apply to online bookings and payment for travel by a Freight Operator.

    They do not replace the Conditions of Carriage.

    Any other version of these Terms and Conditions of Sale is given for commercial reasons only and has no interpretative value.


    Authorised Vehicle(s) Any commercial motor vehicle used to carry Goods which is compliant with the following description:

    • does not exceed the following maximum dimensions: length 19,40 metres; height: 4.20 metres; weight: 44 tonnes; width: 2,60 metres (excluding external mirrors);
    • is not fitted with an LPG or equivalent flammable gas tank or dual powered vehicles (i.e. vehicles fitted with an LPG or equivalent tank as an alternative fuel), whether or not the LPG or equivalent tank is empty or the LPG or equivalent mode of the vehicles is not selected.
    Dangerous Good(s) Same definition as in Eurotunnel’s Conditions of Carriage.
    Eurotunnel The partnership comprising The Channel Tunnel Group Limited (registered office: Eurotunnel UK Terminal Ashford Road Folkestone Kent CT 18 8XX) and France-Manche S.A. (registered office: 37-39, rue de la Bienfaisance, 75008 PARIS, France) acting as operators of the Fixed Link pursuant to a Concession awarded by the UK and French Governments dated 14 March 1986.
    Fixed Link The Channel Tunnel link as defined by the Treaty of Canterbury between the United Kingdom and France signed on 12 February 1986.
    Freight Operator The individual or legal entity carrying Goods on board a Shuttle who has booked and paid online under the conditions defined below.
    Good(s) All articles, materials, products or chattels as defined in Eurotunnel’s Conditions of Carriage.
    Passenger(s) Any person aged twelve (12) or over travelling in or with an Authorised Vehicle on board a Shuttle. No Passengers aged under twelve (12) are permitted to travel on or with an Authorised Vehicle.
    Fixed Rate The rate paid by the Freight Operator at the time of making its online booking and which shall be according to the length of the Authorised Vehicle.
    Shuttle(s) The Eurotunnel rolling stock consisting of locomotives and wagons within which Authorised Vehicles and Passengers are carried through the Fixed Link between Eurotunnel’s two Terminals.
    Tickets The ticket voucher or other form of authority to travel issued by Eurotunnel.


    2.1 General Information

    Bookings are made for the date of travel, not for a specific shuttle. Because of the way the current system operates and Eurotunnel’s technical and commercial requirements, the Freight Operator can only be assured a date of travel, unless the service is suspended as provided for herein. However, customer satisfaction is important to Eurotunnel and so the Freight Operator will, whenever possible, be allocated to the first available shuttle.

    Likewise, Eurotunnel reserves the right to suspend online bookings at any time if traffic conditions or any technical incidents and malfunctions of whatever kind cause disruptions that could compromise the continued safety of Freight Operators and the required continuity in the Eurotunnel service.

    In this case, only existing bookings which had been duly paid for will be honoured.

    2.2 Booking

    On this basis, any Freight Operator wishing to make an online booking must fill in the following fields:

    • Outward journey date
    • Outward journey date
    • Return journey date where applicable
    • Tractor registration number
    • Trailer registration number (optional)
    • Length of the Authorised Vehicle
    • Freight Operator country of origin
    • Freight Operator country of originVAT / TVA number if applicable (depending on country of origin)

    The system will then give a travel summary.

    Pets are not permitted to travel with Eurotunnel Freight shuttles.

    The next step is to fill in the following fields:

    • Title
    • Name
    • First name
    • Company
    • Address:
    • Two address lines
    • Postcode
    • Town
    • Email
    • Telephone
    • Mobile
    • Bank card type
    • Card number
    • Issue number (for Maestro cards only)
    • Expiry date
    • Card Security Code
    • Cardholder name

    Please note that the payment cannot be approved until the Freight Operator has confirmed having read and agreed to these online Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Conditions of Carriage.

    Having completed the above, the Freight Operator then has to confirm payment at which point the credit card used will be debited with the Fixed Rate. Provided that the banking establishment authorises payment, the Freight Operator will receive a transaction summary and a booking number.

    • Booking number(s)
    • Journey date(s)
    • Tractor registration number
    • Trailer registration number (if field completed)
    • Freight Operator VAT/TVA N°
    • Price to be paid ex VAT, amount of VAT and total price with VAT
    • Length of the Authorised Vehicle

    In accordance with the Law on Information Technology and Civil Liberties (Article 27 of the Law of 6 January 1978), information requested of the Freight Operator in the context of its booking may be stored electronically. The Freight Operator has the right to view and modify data stored about it by Eurotunnel.

    2.3 Travel

    The Freight Operator must imperatively give the booking number which has been confirmed to himvia the internet site when he arrives at check-in.

    The automatic check-in booths will scan the vehicle registration number plate and consequently search for the booking number obtained during the booking process and at the same time detect the length declared during the booking of the Authorised Vehicle.

    In case of any discrepancy between the length declared and that registered by the system at check-in, the Freight Operator must report to the Drivers' Information Office.

    He will then be able to amend his bookingat the internet booth by entering his booking number and password

    No refund will be given in the case of a booking error.

    In the event of a system dysfunction, the driver will then have to enter the vehicle registration number manually on the keyboard available on the touch screen at the automatic check-in booth or give the number to the member of staff in order to be allocated onto a shuttle once the safety checks carried out on the departure Terminal will have been completed.

    2.4 Amending and Cancelling the Booking

    The dates given at the time of booking may be amended by the Fret Operator subject to:

    • the amendment must be made prior to the planned date of travel
    • the crossing must be made within 6 months following the date of booking with the same booking number depending on availability.
    • First name

    After this date the booking will permanently be lost.

    No refunds will be made in case of cancellation.

    Any amendment to information relative to the crossing must be made on the internet site with the booking number and the password given during the initial booking process.

    For any questions, the Department can be contacted on these numbers*:

    UK: + (44) (0) 1303 282 244

    Europe: + (33) (0) 3 21 00 64 65


    UK + (44) (0) 1303 283 500

    Europe: + (33) (0) 3 21 00 61 59

    Or by e-mail:


    Business hours

    09h00 - 17h30 Mondays to Fridays

    (*cost of a local call - excluding operator rates and during the Department’s business hours)

    2.5 Validity of the Booking

    The booking is only valid for the vehicle type stated and for 3 days duration, being the day before the day of booked travel, the day itself, and the day after.


    3.1 Use of the Booking

    In view of the inherent safety requirements of the Fixed Link, the Freight Operator shall remain solely liable for any use made of the booking reference and the resulting consequences of such use.

    Eurotunnel reserves the right to invoice the Freight Operator for all direct and indirect costs resulting from misuse of the booking reference, except where it is possible for the Freight Operator to release itself from this liability by any appropriate legal means.

    3.2 Dangerous Goods

    The Freight Operator warrants that the Goods carried comply with all UK and French regulations in force on the date of travel on board the Shuttles and shall indemnify Eurotunnel against any consequential loss or damage caused by non-compliance of the Goods carried with the abovementioned national regulations or with any other applicable regulations. Carriage of the Dangerous Goods shall be subject to compliance with Eurotunnel’s policy relating to the transport of such Goods in force on the date of the journey by the Authorised Vehicle. (A copy of the policy can be obtained from Eurotunnel’s Freight Commercial Department, PO Box 2000, Folkestone, Kent CT18 8XY UK or email: freight@eurotunnel.com)

    The Freight Operator must declare ADR regulated goods in accordance with Eurotunnel’s procedures. A penalty of £750 (€1100) may be imposed on a Freight Operator in the event of repeated breach of the procedures.

    3.3 Safety Measures

    Eurotunnel reserves the right at any time reasonably and at its discretion to refuse carriage to the Freight Operator on the Shuttle if the conduct of the Freight Operator does not comply with the conditions of carriage which the latter is deemed to have read.

    Eurotunnel shall not be held liable to the Freight Operator primarily but not solely in the case where an Authorised Vehicle is refused carriage on the grounds that the driver or personnel have not declared all the Passengers on board the Authorised Vehicle prior to travel.

    The Freight Operator must ensure that no one aged under 12 year travels with or in an Authorised Vehicle.


    The Freight Operator shall indemnify Eurotunnel for any direct and indirect costs, disbursements, loss or damage arising from any theft, loss or misuse of booking references which may have been issued to it and / or given to the drivers of Authorised Vehicles. In this situation, the Freight Operator is required immediately to notify Eurotunnel’s Freight Commercial Department (or any such other department as may be subsequently notified by Eurotunnel to the Freight Operator) by registered letter, telex, email or fax, or by a telephone call confirmed in writing. The liability of the Freight Operator shall cease on the date of such notification. (The Eurotunnel booking reference number or proof of booking for the journey concerned must be clearly stated in the notification).

    4.1 Conditions of Carriage

    The Eurotunnel Conditions of Carriage (which Eurotunnel reserves the right to amend at any time) in force at the time in question shall apply to the carriage of Authorised Vehicles and their Passengers on board Shuttles. These conditions include exclusions of liability and the Freight Operator is asked to read them before travelling. The Freight Operator shall notify the Eurotunnel Conditions of Carriage to all the drivers and Passengers, brief them on their application and indemnify Eurotunnel for any loss or damage, costs or disbursements arising from failure to notify the Eurotunnel Conditions of Carriage or from non-compliance with them by the Freight Operator and/or Passengers which the former undertakes will comply. One or more copies of the Eurotunnel Conditions of Carriage can be obtained on request from Eurotunnel’s Freight Commercial Department, Box 2000, Folkestone, Kent CT18 8XY UK or email: freight@eurotunnel.com).

    4.2 Compliance with Obligations under these Terms and Conditions

    The Freight Operator shall fully indemnify Eurotunnel for any costs and/or financial consequences that may arise from an action or judgment against Eurotunnel following personal injury or tangible and intangible damage resulting from a breach of these terms and conditions or fault and/or negligence by the Freight Operator or its other parties.

    The Freight Operator shall indemnify Eurotunnel for any loss or injury (including the costs and financial consequences of actions by other parties, including Passengers) resulting from the breakdown of, or any impediment by, an Authorised Vehicle during the process of loading onto or unloading from a Shuttle.

    The Freight Operator shall indemnify Eurotunnel for all the consequential loss or damage caused by having to prevent access to the Fixed Link or to Shuttles by an Authorised Vehicle or a Passenger or caused by the unlawful nature of its entry into the Fixed Link for whatever reason.

    4.3 Eurotunnel Liability

    Under no circumstances shall Eurotunnel be liable to the Freight Operator for any damage to property or consequential loss caused directly or indirectly by a delay in loading or unloading Authorised Vehicles onto Shuttles or late running of Shuttles through the Fixed Link.

    Under no circumstances shall Eurotunnel be held liable to the Freight Operator for any direct or indirect, loss or damage or consequential loss resulting from a delay to or cancellation of the Eurotunnel freight transport service for whatever cause or reason.

    Eurotunnel reserves the right to inspect, examine, move or empty any Authorised Vehicle at the request of the civil, military or customs authorities or if Eurotunnel considers this to be necessary at its sole discretion. Under no circumstances shall Eurotunnel be held liable for any direct or indirect, loss or consequential loss arising from late delivery or non-delivery of Goods as a result of such action unless this had been caused by proven fault or negligence directly attributable to Eurotunnel.

    Eurotunnel cannot be held liable for any computer malfunction unless that malfunction is attributable solely to action by Eurotunnel.

    In this case, bookings registered and paid for shall either be postponed to a date jointly agreed with the Freight Operator, subject to the foregoing constraints, or the Freight Operator will be given a full refund.


    These Terms and Conditions shall become applicable immediately after the Freight Operator has confirmed having read and agreed them as stated in clause 2.2 above.


    The Freight Operator shall, during the currency of these Terms and Conditions and thereafter, keep confidential any information related hereto or to Eurotunnel’s activities that might have come to its attention and is prohibited from disclosing that information to anyone except its employees on a need to know basis. This prohibition shall apply for an unlimited duration until that information enters the public domain other than through the fault or negligence of the Freight Operator, its employees, agents or contractors for whose compliance hereto the Freight Operator shall be liable.


    These Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any other conditions that may be applied elsewhere.

    Any clause hereof considered unlawful shall be deemed to be unwritten. The parties hereto will agree on a replacement clause. The other clauses hereof shall remain applicable.


    Eurotunnel may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time subject to giving at least thirty (30) days’ notice.


    Failure by one of the parties to exercise its rights under these Terms and Conditions or to enforce an infringement or breach by the other party of any of the clauses hereof shall not be construed as a waiver by that party of its right to exercise that right or enforce that clause.


    These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by French law. In the event of a dispute regarding interpretation or performance of these Terms and Conditions, jurisdiction is expressly granted to the competent French courts even if the case involves a third-party complaint or several defendants. Eurotunnel does, however, reserve the right to bring a legal action in the competent court of the defendant’s domicile or registered office.