• Comparison based on the analysis of greenhouse gas emissions on a Calais-Dover route between different transport solutions.

    • Calculation based on 2023 data (actual fleet of ferries between Calais and Dover, cross-channel passengers and freight flows, LeShuttle electricity consumption and load factor).
    • GHG emissions (CO2 equivalent) due to train electricity consumption and production (including losses, Transmission & Distribution, Scope 2 + Scope 3 upstream) calculated with a location-based Electricity Emission factor extracted from ADEME Base Empreinte data base for France (FR - Transport - saisonnalisée - Scope 1+3a - Mix moyen 2022) and from DNEIS & DESNZ UK departments data base “Conversion factors” for UK.
    • GHG emissions (CO2 equivalent) due to ferries calculated with Marine Gas Oil and Marine Fuel Oil Emission factors from UK Conversion factor Data base.
    • All other parameters and overall calculation established by JMJ Conseil in 2024 leading for a Dover-Calais journey in average for a Truck: 9kgCO2e per crossing with a Shuttle and 130 kgCO2e per crossing with a ferry.

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