• Comparison based on the analysis of greenhouse gas emissions on a Calais-Dover route between different transport solutions. Approx. 112 kgCO2e per truck on a ferry journey vs. approx. 9 kgCO2e per truck per trip with LeShuttle Freight. Study by Carbone4 for Getlink based on: (i) the GLEC methodology, (ii) a study by JMJ establishing ferry emissions and a distribution between freight and passengers in proportion to the spaces dedicated to each activity and emission factors of HFO, LFO and MDO fuels, (iii) the 2019 Eurotunnel greenhouse gas emissions validated by Getlink's auditors and ADEME's electricity emission factors (location-based for transport use) and DBEIS (for electricity in England, location-based) on scopes 1, 2 and 3- upstream of energy within the meaning of the GHG Protocol.

    Moreover, thanks to its geographical location, Eurotunnel brings you closer to your destination and can save you up to 25 km per journey. This saving in mileage also represents a saving in fuel and therefore less CO2 emissions.

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