• Latest travel information

  • Latest travel information

    For Freight drivers approaching the UK terminal
    We are currently operating a normal service with up to 4 departures per hour. We wish you a pleasant crossing with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. 

    For Freight drivers approaching the French terminal
    We would like to inform you that our service is currently disrupted due to an earlier incident in the Tunnel which has now been resolved. There is a waiting time of approximately 90 minutes before check-in. The journey from check-in to arrival in the UK will take approximately 3 hours.
    There are 3 departures per hour.  
    Please note that capacity protection measures are currently in place on this terminal as of 25/08/2016 at 06:11 (GMT + 1h)

    Last update: 25/08/2016 - 06:27 (Time updated GMT+1 hour)

  • Service improvement at the Total service station in September

    We will be improving our services and as a result, fuel will be unavailable from TOTAL on the French freight terminal from 1st to 16 September 2016.

    However, the AS24 fuel facilities will still be available during this time with limited access.

    Please note that the restaurant and shop will remain open during this time.


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