Vehicle restrictions

We offer a fast and reliable service to our customers travelling with various types of vehicles.

Vehicle dimensions

To ensure that your vehicle can travel on our freight shuttles, please find below the maximum size and weight of vehicles we can carry:


Please note that for safety reasons, campervans are not authorised to travel on our freight shuttles.

LPG tank

LPG is the abbreviation for « Liquefied Petroleum Gas ».

LPG or equivalent flammable gas and dual powered vehicles (i.e. vehicles fitted with an LPG or equivalent tank as an alternative fuel) cannot be accepted for transport by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, even though:

  • the LPG or equivalent tank is empty,
  • the LPG or equivalent mode of the vehicle is not selected.
Acceptability of vehicles according to their fuel type / power source (including dual-fuelled & hybrid vehicles)

If you have any questions about whether your vehicle or the cargo you are carrying complies with Eurotunnel policy, please contact the Freight Commercial Team.

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