Travel UK to France: update at 11:30


Trucks are now flowing to France at a higher pace. Since yesterday evening, extra testing teams are deployed on the M20 and their process has been improved. A video is now used to explain to drivers how to proceed. See this video.

The British government has published the following guidance for hauliers awaiting access to the Port and Eurotunnel which is also available in Dutch, Polish, Romanian, and Russian. An information leaflet outlining guidance for hauliers with the translations can be found at Physical copies of these leaflets will also be provided to drivers at the testing places.

All our trains are running as planned and out timetable has been reinforced for the next days to allow everyone to cross the Channel as quickly as possible.

Taking care of your drivers is our key priority. Those who want to have a comfort break will be welcome in Le Truck Village on our French terminal after their crossing. Parking will be free of charge during the first hour with free shower, toilets, hot drinks and food available at our food truck for those who want to have a break before driving back home.