Christmas and New Year service


In view of the forthcoming Brexit transition deadline and in order to anticipate a surge in demand, we have decided to increase our planned capacity from previous years on the days preceding 1st January.

Please note that we will be carrying out maintenance works in the tunnel on the last two weekends of the year. These works are essential and need to be completed at this time to ensure that we have full capacity available as of 1st January.

In order to help you plan your deliveries over this period we confirm below our timetable between Christmas and New Year:

 Christmas:New Year:

24th December
00:00-12:00 - 3 departures per hour
12:00-17:00 – 3 to 4 departures per hour
17:00-00:00 - 2 to 3 departures per hour

31st December
00:00-06:00 - 3 departures per hour
06:00-00:00 - 4 departures per hour

25th December
00:00-06:00 - 1 departure every 2 hours
06:00-00:00 - 1 to 2 departures per hour

1st January
00:00-07:00 - 1 departure every 2 hours
07:00-00:00 - 1 to 2 departures per hour

All CET times



The frequency of our departures remains unchanged until 19th December 2020. You can click here to download our detailed timetable from 19th December 2020 to 10th January 2021.


Additional overnight maintenance in December

Please note that we will carry out essential overnight maintenance in the Tunnel during the nights of 19th to 22nd December and 26th to 29th December. This will result in a reduced timetable from 23:00 to 6:00 CET on these dates. We would therefore strongly recommend wherever possible that you avoid travelling during this period where transit times may be extended.


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