Getlink: further increase in revenues for 2017

At €1.033 billion, revenues for the year 2017 are up by 4% at a constant exchange rate1.

  • Channel Tunnel Fixed Link
    • Revenues from Shuttle Services increased by 3% to €604.1 million
    • Eurostar: a record year with 10.3 million passengers (+3%)
  • Europorte: revenues up 2% to €118.5 million

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, stated:“Despite the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, the Group has delivered a 4% growth in revenues and has once again demonstrated the strength and balance of its economic model, no matter the circumstances”.


Fourth quarter 2017: key facts


  • Channel Tunnel Fixed Link
    • October 2017 was the highest month of October for the Truck Shuttle service with 142,759 vehicles transported, an increase of 5% compared to the month of October 2016.
    • Eurotunnel’s Truck and Passenger Shuttle services recorded stable traffic during 2017 with, respectively, 1.64 million trucks and 2.6 million passenger vehicles transported despite an unfavorable calendar effect, 2016 being a leap year.
    • Rail freight continued its positive trend with 2,012 trains (+12%)
    • The ETICA programme, which aims to develop new services has been expanded to include high speed operators which will enable Eurostar to prepare for the launch of its new service to Amsterdam and will encourage other high speed operators to consider further destinations, as identified in the PWC study from December 2013 (Frankfurt, Cologne, Geneva...)
  • Europorte and its subsidiaries
    • Additional volume growth from major customers in the automobile, chemicals and cereals sectors thanks to the quality of service obtained.
  • ElecLink
    • Works continue as planned.


1 All comparisons with 2016 are made using the average 2017 exchange rate of £1=€1.14.

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